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March 29, 2015


Student's state salamander bill passes Idaho Senate panel

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Sponsored by Newt, was it?

I'm impressed that her salamander, Bill, even managed to eat a senate panel in the first place, let alone pass it. Even if it was only of low-density plywood.

The Lizard King lives!

(I knew this blog would open Doors for me...)

I'm sure Gussie would be proud.

Salamanders have bills...?


I was always conviced that if I'd first heard of Mr. Fink-Nottle by learning that he's fond of newts and orange juice, my first thought would have been "Hm. Strange meal."

The Idaho Senate Resources and Environment Committee has done little to prevent squirrels from urinating in busy public places. Don't take then serious.


I thought the same. Must be an acquired taste. Maybe one of Anatole's specialties? Can't see the Uncle going for it.

Yet another state that has solved all its other problems.

One of those eat and run salamanders, no doubt...

The senate was served in a nice hossin sauce...

Cousin salamander (actually a gekko) was horrifird, and almost quit the lucrative insurance gig...

FYI was watching Yan Can Cook on PBS, an he was having a friend demonstrate how to make thousands of noodles,
to which he told Chef Tony to add a salamander...

The Red-Spotted Newt has been the New Hampshire State Salamander for decades. We have had multiple legislative bills since to add various other symbols, most recently the Red-tailed Hawk. Due to a few wingnuts, that didn't fly. There are a few legislators I would like to have recognized as the official state fruitcakes.

The Commander is gratified, but not amused.

Today a state amphibian, tomorrow a responsible balance of social needs and taxes?

Get her on the City Council, send her to the state legislature and get her to Congress.

There's that whole college thing in there somewhere. Don't let it get in the way of your learning.

I promise a salamander in every pot and a lizard (or gecko) in every garage.

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