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March 28, 2015


Even our fish are insane.

Audio Advisory: Annoying shrieking woman.

(Thanks to Azaliah Yadinah-Parker)


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Tarp on!

"Hold my beer and watch this!"

I think he owes that fish dinner and a dozen roses.

If the man was "fishing" and caught the fish, all is good. But if the fish is "manning" and caught the man, we get all upset. (And rightly so...)

That's no fish. Now that [points to Namu the killer whale]...that's a fish.

Floridians ain't crazy. We do that in Oklahoma for fun! It's called "noodling". Not recommended for Florida, as you might stick your hand in a large reptile.

Someone needs to push that woman in the water.

Definitely a case of bait & switch

The take home is: When in Florida, keep your appendages out of the water.

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