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March 20, 2015


If one of them figures out how the doorknob works, we're in trouble.



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Sooner or later, they will both learn.

Lucy already knows. She's just keeping an eye on Dylan in case he's thinking about escape.

As a grandfather, you could make the whole doorknob thing a moot point if you put this in the back yard:


The homeowner association would love it!

Lucy thought bubble: Just stare at him, Dylan Maxwell, and he won't suspect a thing.

DM: I'll throw in cuteness factor, too. I got yer back, Lucy!

D: Can't wait until I can ride that big animal.

L: Keep that little animal locked up and away from me.

He is so cute Dave. You are very lucky. Lucy will protect him.

Which of them would use the doggy door?

I am sure there is slobber on the glass of both sides of the door now.

i never had pups of my own
but how that dylan pup has grown
now it's Me he follows round
this little pup-child on the ground
he watches dave, but loves Me more
cuz him n' me - we're four-on-the-floor

Dylan: You have to go outside to poop Lucy?
Lucy: Yup.
Dylan: Well that sucks.

I knew I had seen Dylan somewhere before.

It was here.

Is it my imagination, or is Dylan sporting a plumber's crack?

Dylan: At least we don't have snow!

Lucy: Ball!

Dave: Someday, I ought to write a book!

A boy and his dog. They want to play together! I have a three year old granddaughter who has figured out that I'm on speed dial. She loves to call me, say hello, and then hang up on me. She did this seven times last night. It's so much fun I'm thinking of changing my phone number!

My 2 year old niece has not only figured out how to skype with grandma but has figured out how to do it at 2am our time 5am her time. If our two ever get together and share information well god help us all.

ligirl...you got it! Nothing creates a bond like eye-to-eye living - and both having the Alpha Dogs periodically holler 'NO!' in your direction.

Very cute.

They want to be together! Lucy will eat all Dylan's spilled food, and Dylan will use her as a pillow. Kids and dogs are very symbiotic.

Lucy is gorgeous! I love her gray muzzle. (The kid's cute, too.)

The two darlings are waiting for you to turn away.

Dylan will,eat the pups food.

I did at a baby so I was told.

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