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March 24, 2015


The suspect has several distinctive face tattoos, including one that looks like Hello Kitty.


(Thanks to Harry Farkas)


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Criminal mastermind of the week.

I hope that Bubba, his cell-mate, just loves cats!

Please, give this guy a Darwin, in advance, and save us all the energy.

They made off with a whole $105 before being caught. I am uninformed; is that enough to cover a Tinky Winky tattoo?

If the Akron police can't catch the serial pooper, at least they can catch this 'mastermind.'

You don't need a mask, Ryan. They'll never recognize you with all those tattoos hiding your face.


I dunno, it could end up being brilliance if his attorney can get the ID tossed because the police didn't have anyone else with a Hello Kitty tattoo in the perp line-up.

"I am Hello Kitty", he allegedly said, when grilled by the cops.

After the laughter stopped...they asked himn again...

They're just not making super villains like they used to

Tat-head fathead.

" Hey, dude, what is this 'life' everyone keeps telling me I should get?"

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