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March 28, 2015


Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Evidence of Dementia heard at Large Hadron Collider

"It is even possible that gravity from our own universe may ‘leak’ into this parallel universe, scientists at the LHC say."

Scientists Say opened for Brownsville Station.

How do you even begin to walk back expectations of this magnitude?

"Never mind..."

Just in case, been good knowin'ya.

That's "that old college spirit!"

If at first you fail to blow up the universe,
try, try again.

What if the other side gets really pissed we woke them up?

Scientists don;t care, say "Laisse faire" amd fail to...
be (a)ware...

Apparemtly the scientists have a meeting with their marketing people within a few days.

In parallel dimensions they have perpendicular parking.

During the collider run, a LOUD bell/dong rsonates...

could it be...
Avon calling
Heaven Calling
Girl Scout Cookies calling
Hilary Clinton ?
Ted Cruz's father?

What's that giant sucking s

I've heard that in the parallel universe, everything from what atoms are made of to the laws of cause and effect to the very concept of time and space is so fundamentally different from our own, down to even below the quantum level, that it would be utterly unrecognizable to us as a universe at all. Also, Tenacious D is called “Black Gass" there. But those are really the only two differences.

Our dog has "Black Gass" today. Our son was dog & cat sitting for us while we were away last week, and not sure what he was feeding her but she could probably run her own personal Hadron Collider.

Hello Palmerah, Indonesia...

Cern never solidly confirmed the Higgs Boson. This article claims they did. I believe there are credibility issues here.

A tentative confirmation is not the same thibg as an actual confirmation. This is what they actually said: "...they find that the new particle is looking more and more like a Higgs boson, ... It remains an open question, however, whether this is the Higgs boson of the Standard Model of particle physics, or possibly the lightest of several bosons predicted in some theories that go beyond the Standard Model. Finding the answer to this question will take time."*

In short, maybe it is; maybe it's something else. We don't know; but it acts sort'a like it, so tentatively we'll make a big deal out of it and see if we can get some more funding.

* http://home.web.cern.ch/about/updates/2013/03/new-results-indicate-new-particle-higgs-boson

I hope the parallel universe can pick up TMZ so they can be current on world events.

Stephen King warned us.


Wait a minute. If gravity "leaks out" of our universe and into a different universe, won't that make everything here lighter?

Or what if too much gravity from here leaks out to there? Will we all just start floating around? Or will the other universe come crashing through the roof, so to speak, and squash us flat?

This sounds like a bad variation of Time Bandits.

I blame the Visigoths.

In the other world, Edgar is alive and Jack is dead. And Spock has a beard.

I hear the eighth dimension is a pain in the Bootay, Buckaroo.

By the way CERN, My overthruster is bigger than your overthruster.

I saw this movie. It did not have a happy ending.

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