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March 30, 2015


Michigan State students celebrate Final Four by throwing bagels

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I believe Bagel Riot is Putin's new favorite band.

No weirder than octopi.

Not so original.

Oprah did it, then Rachel Ray, and now MS students....

And without throwing cream cheese? How gauche....

A waste of good lox.

@KJP, But throwing octopi IS weird. And it gets the ice all slimy. Maybe they're onto something at MSU (a major veterinary/agricultural university) that would spare the lives of many playoff season octopi. At least bagels would be easy to chuck off the ice.

Does his mean that the Spartans are lox in the final 4?

There's a Jewish b'ball team?

What, no one tossed any bialys*? Quelle horreur!

*Basic definition of bialy:
A flat breakfast roll that has a depressed center and is usually covered with onion flakes.

(So, it's basically a bagel with no hole, but with a flattened area in the center into which onion bits are poured. If you like onion bagels, you'll love bialys. Just don't try to slice them in half as you would a bagel.)

Origin of bialy:
Yiddish, short for bialystoker, from bialystoker of Bialystok, city in Poland.

They better have not been fragels. That's just a waste. Can you still get fragels at MSU?


One wonders what would have been thrown if the CCHA still existed and the MiSU hockey team made the Frozen Four.

I blame Pegula.

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