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March 30, 2015


We report a case of a man, aged 62 years, with a rectal bezoar composed of pumpkin seeds

(Thanks to ScottMGS, who says "Rectal Bezoar opened for the Crunching Colons back in aught five.")


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Bezoars are a minor plot point in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

This of course, will lead to those irritating litigation commercials that will start out with...

"Did you try to grow a Pumpkin Patch in your colon,
only to develop a bezoar impact? Blah-Blah Attorneys
at law...."

I think Manual Disimpaction is one of the crew that tends my lawn.

Too bad the afflicted wasn't a mathematician; he could have...

On Halloween night, The Great Pumpkin rises out of the crunching colon pumpkin patch ..

There's a word in this article's title I've never encountered before, and I'm afraid to look it up.


How bezoar.

Clankie, I've found that most words that appear next to "rectal" are not good.

"Give me Coca-Cola or give me surgery! A 2013 review of three databases identified 24 publications presenting 46 patients treated with Coca-Cola for phytobezoars. (Phytobezoars are composed of indigestible plant material). The cola was administered in doses of 500 mL to up to 3000 mL over 24 hours, orally or by gastric lavage. A total of 91.3% of patients had complete resolution after treatment with Coca-Cola: 50% after a single treatment, others requiring the cola plus endoscopic removal. Surgical removal was resorted to in four patients. -- Wikipedia


Really, this blog's website should end in .edu. I'm always learning new things here...some of them (not this one) are even useful.

Is a bezoar anything like a bazoom?

It's a bezoar, bub!

Oh, I get it.

Coke and Pumpklin seeds, the new spin on
playing Rushing Roulette...

Craig B.... There is a case report of coca cola dissolving a gummy bear bezoar as well.

BTW...I hear that Rectal Bezoar puts on a pick ass show.

I learned another new word while reading about bezoars on Wikipedia:


Inspissation is the process of thickening by dehydration.

lerning is gud!

Bezoar, one of my favorite words ever! Sounds like a name for a Star Trek villain.

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