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March 23, 2015


British police hunt thieves who stole 38 pythons

(Thanks to Azaliah Yadinah-Parker)


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Wasn't "38 Pythons" the B side of the Mysterians' "96 Tears"?

"Royal" pythons, well, no wonder the Brits are up in arms. Now, if this had been south Florida, the pythons would steal you!


"extremely unlikely to pose any threat to the public"

Unless they are able to get green cards to slither in the US. Not that they're needed.

No one expects the stolen Pythons.

I thought they had retired?

Or, if you're a programmer, how do you debug a snake?

(And if you've never written in Python, it is extremely easy, powerful, and very, very popular)

Monty? Will the eel I mean real Monty please stand up?

I wonder if the thieves know that eight of the lady pythons are pregnant? Be a pity if the stress caused them all to go into labor simultaneously...

The Full Monty.

I'll bet it was plumbers who took them. They use snakes all the time.

Reticulated pythons, Rock pythons, Burmese pythons, all are man eaters. I pray for the British people.

Clankie ~ Their chief weapon is surprise. Fear and surprise. Their TWO weapons are fear, and surprise, and ruthless efficiency. THREE WEAPONS...

True fact: odds are overwhelming that at least one of the pythons is named Monty.

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