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February 25, 2015


Pranksters in an English town installed a toilet, sink and toilet paper holder at an outdoor bus stop, local officials said.



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Shoddy reporting - is the toilet paper mounted over or under?

"Guys, when I said to T.P. the bus stop, this wasn't what I had in mind..."

mebbe for the SCAT bus ?

This could start a new green trend: Public Defication.

Sort of answers that age old question,

"Where do you go, when you neeed to go, on a bus?"

Reminds me of that old commercial: " Pan Am makes the going great. "

and it looks like the guy in the background is just goin' in the weeds instead of the conveniently located toilet.

Just so it's sanitized for your protection.

" I think I'll cop a squat until the bus comes." YUCK.

Then again, I'm sure we've all waited at bus shelters that were essentially toilets without a potty in sight...


hey now, our Portland City Fathers and Mothers have installed LOOS and praise be, the homeless guys love them, they line up in the morn for a decent and private place to go. Goog it!

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