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February 24, 2015


The Face Blanket. Seriously.

 (Thanks to Ralph)


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Does it come in white, with a pointed top?


Oh, excuse me.


Can I get it in bright white to go with my bathrobes?

I did not watch that. ( Hides under Faceblanket ).

a puke hole, for when you go to bed reeeaallly sheet-faced

My nose is cold!

I want one just to wear the next time I go through TSA screening

The fashion sense is undeniable
esaily copied...

The financial sense is...well, this is what happened to all those unsold Snuggies....

Looks like a burkha..

I love the way the 'before' part is in black and white and the 'after' is in nice color.

Gonna give the misses the US flag version, so when she puts it over her face, well, you know the rest.

I think "fleece" is the operative word in this ad. Anybody have a regular blanket and a pair of scissors?...

I'm also not sure covering up your eyes on a mountain summit is a great idea, either. Props for the humorous uses at the end, though. :)

Omg. Someone will give to their spouse so that they don't have to look at their face. (Ha)

I'm sure they have a patent on this and some Chinese company will make a knock-off of it.

Dave's 2015 gift guide is starting early, but this one seems like a cover-up.

I keep waiting for the Energizer Bunny to stroll through this commercial.

There's a Butthole Surfers tie-in somehow.

I think I just figured out what happened to all the leftover Snuggies when that fad faded...

Love the early scenes of desperate victims struggling with hostile blankets! I'm afraid to go to bed now.

My favorite part: "Ahh, this is the life. I'm sitting here at the dinner table, I've just taken the first sip from my glass of wine, my 1970 Corelle Spring Blossom plate doesn't even have any food on it yet... time to summon Jeeves to throw a blanket over my head."

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