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February 28, 2015


As tastes change, big food makers try hipster guises

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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90% of the time I wish I could eat something like Dog Chow for people.. People Chow if you will. A couple scoops in the morning a couple scoops at night. Then on the days when I had time for a nice meal I have it. Thanks for asking. Oh, you didn't. Right.

The old pig with lipstick thing.

Sean, that's called "oatmeal."

More and more, life imitates Dilbert.

> headdesk <

I think I saw Cheesy Gut Bombs open for The Meat Puppets (With special guest: Korn) on their "Growing Larger" tour, back in '92.

Sean: Most of these should work.

Waiter there's an ironic beard in my soup.

Not so loud, every flannel shirt will want one.

Been going on some time. You will see an F-bomb on a box of Kashi before you see the word Kellogg's, but they own it.

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