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February 26, 2015


Watch this octopus surprise-attack a crab

We do not ever want to be attacked by an octopus.

Advisory: Bad, yet appropriate, word at end.

(Thanks to Gargoyle Socks)


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That's almost as good as the jaguar attacking the crocodile.

Here's how the octopus actually eats the crab.

Great videos, Wiredog. It scares me, though, that in both cases they can serve as a metaphore for some rather predatory human relationships we've all seen.

Pardon my poor spelling... I meant "metaphor."

When I saw it was in Yallingup, I knew it would be exciting.


In theaters July 15, 2015

Sometimes the octopus is the one being attacked.

Thanks, wiredog.

Nat’l Geographic narrator Luke Dollar:
He’s doing an excellent job stalking, no splashing, really good technique, making sure of good footing. And after that pounce, he’s severed the central nervous system. That's a meal he'll take away to eat in his leisure.
I’ll give him a 9.8. How about you, Jeff?

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