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February 06, 2015


Movie Theater Chain Bans Whips for 50 Shades of Grey Premiere

(Thanks to Steve K.)

Related Update: Southern states snatching up more ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie tickets than rest of U.S.

(Thanks to Mr. Ron Ungerman)


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Fifty ways to love your lever.

Are they going to inspect and search people?

What about Cool Whips, the frozen dessert toppings?

Rep. Alcee Hastings will have something to say about this.

The movie going public won't stand for this! I predict a backlash to whip up sentiment.

So men in ties will be refused admission? An enforced dress-down policy...

confusing headline - they all ready had the chain ban ?

What could possibly go wrong?

Don't you love it when the media whips itself into a frenzy?

I read a few chapters from this book at my local Big Box store (Hint: Their name sounds like "LostCo") and can only describe it in one word: Boring.

Also very poorly written, but that's three more words than the review of this book deserves.

...& why Are they whipping 50 shades of grey - are they trying to make 51?? how Many shades of grey Are there, anyway ?

*heh heh*

They said "snatching"

PirateBoy, my wife agrees. Her friends were pushing the book on her and she said it was boring and very badly written. And then in Chapter 2....

Will they allow dildoes?

Only a woman would see 50 shades. Men are more into primary colors - Like candy apple red Mustang Sally.

50 shades of grey is the new boring.

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