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February 07, 2015


Half the DNA on the NYC Subway Matches No Known Organism

(Thanks to Suzie Q. Wacvet and Jon Harris)


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When did lawyers start to ride the subway? (Budget cuts?)

Half the population of NYC are unknown organisms.

Which half?

The next most prevalent type of DNA, though, was cucumber.


i miss the day when i only thought of a cucumber as a vegetable

Sounds like the premise of Men in Black is true after all.

that explains where the politicians come from.

That means these organisms are all from Washington, DC!

Run away, and run quickly!

ligirl, 'tis as one of my favorite bumper stickers says:

"Life was much simpler when apples and blackberries were just fruit"

"Start spreadin' the news----"

Jeff, are you really a pod people?

I think the old Superman series, especially the
Superman vs. The Mole People epsiodes had it right. Or close.

Or maybe "They Live" was more right?

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