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February 26, 2015


A new poll conducted by PEMCO Insurance found that about one in five motorists in the Northwest admit they are less courteous to drivers sporting bumper stickers with messages they oppose.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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So my "Dave Barry for President" sticker will either save me or get me killed.

No one asked about how those of us in other states/regions feel about drivers w/license plates from OR and WA ... those arrogant B@stards ...

My favorite is "My Kid Can Beat Up Your Honor Student."

I was thinking the same thought Jeff. You stole my thought you bastard......

Actually my favorite is "Proud Parent of a Child Whose Self Esteem Doesn't Depend on Minor Scholastic Achievements Being Displayed on a Car Bumper."

I'm sure plenty of modern parents oppose that message.

COEXIST with this!

Just once I'd like to see a "Visualize World Freedom" bumper sticker.

i was an
i don't know what happened

spare the dogs, dave - go after the cars with stick figure families

Honk if you're a jerk.

655321: a neighbor of mine has one that says "Visualize Using Your Turn Signal."

As Dave rightly pointed out in his forthcoming book, no Florida driver ever uses one.

My favorite are Volvos with 50 stickers that are designed to tell me how enlightened the driver is, and conversely, how much of a prole that I am.


The right-wingers are just as bad, the big truck (with a spotless bed liner) indicating how much they love FREEDOM and GUNS.

Can I just enjoy a fun drive with my little Mazda in peace? What does a Mazda with no stickers mean?

I'd never do that! But I might be OK with hamstring poll takers and pushing them into traffic.

I have a bumper sticker that says "My Labrador Retriever is smarter than your honor student".

Whenever I see a car with a BABY ON BOARD sticker, I don't hit it as hard as I normally would.

An oldie but goodie (Pre 9/11);


Nate, a Mazda with no stickers means the driver belongs to a terrorist group and is on his way to pull off a suicide bombing. Without drawing attention.

We are all being sucked into a huge sinkhole of paranoid schitzofrenia by blue-black dresses and yammering llamas and ... how the hell *do* you spell that crazy word? Squirrels again.

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