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February 25, 2015


London’s firefighters say sun rays refracted by a Nutella jar likely caused a house fire.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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The inventor of Nutella died on Valentine's Day.

That is precisely why I stick to peanut butter. Clearly, that stuff should not be allowed in civilian hands.

I thought Nutella came in a plastic, not glass, jar.

This was overseas, where they have a lot more glass...

(note I said glass, not class...)

(thinks about all the little art glass thingamabobs he has in his windows for the express purpose of catching and refracting sunlight...)

(decides to stop thinking about it)

The refracted rays from the senile stare of the Queen Mother's eyes was not involved.

And a new warning label is born.

Nutella jars cause global warming ?!

Guess the story about swamp gas was getting worn out. The real question is did the aliens set the fire or was the fire set by the MIB as a containment procedure.

Bubble, bubble, Nutella trouble.

Poor dog.

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