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February 24, 2015


Jetstar passenger drinks, gropes seatmate, pleasures himself, gets arrested

(Thanks to Poker)


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Wait, that's illegal?

He could have at least switched seats with his GF.

This takes groping to a new level.

I couldn't find a video of him groping someone on a plane. I compromised.

Uncle Joe Biden?

i dunno


if You're the Boyfriend-of-the-Gal making the claims against the perv, would you Really want a GIANT PICTURE of Your Sh!t-Eating-Grinning Self under such a disgusting headline?!?!!!



Since when is "speaking Japanese aggressively" a crime?

that sheet-eating grinner needs a face blanket

I don't think 50 SHADES OF GRAY was an appropriate choice for an inflight movie.

"Australian man Nathan Patterson is unhappy with ..."

I wonder what he looks like when he's happy.

Not sure "man" is accurate here. Dude gropes his GF, then starts polishing the trophy and Mr. Unhappy just sits there?

Since about 9/2/45.


given the context "speaking Japanese" might be a slang term related to "turning Japanese".

um, jeff -

Mile Thigh Club member?

If'n only he'da hada Face Blanket ® !

Jackstar motto: "You should just be glad our plane actually took off... three hours late..."

Each one of things costs an extra $ 5.00. Getting arrested is $ 10.

eats, shoots and leaves

mmph grmb raph.....oh, sorry, I forgot to remove my face blanket.
Let's face it, some things are just too disgusting for words. Like speaking Japanese aggressively for instance. The nerve of some people.

Not necessarily in the order stated.

Trouser Snake on a Plane?

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