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February 26, 2015


New police squad aims to curb drug use, shoplifting, defecating

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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Could we all just get along. Give them jobs.

*sigh* can't be half as funny without Frank Drebin

If I can't shoplift, use drugs, and defecate on the kerb, then where can I?

Those rules/laws are too complicated ... it's like Real Estate ... Location, Location, Location ...

"...shoplifting and sitting on the sidewalk..."

Is there a typo there somewhere?

"Hey Tom! Where are you working these days? Still at ATF?"

"Nope. I'm at a new unit now. Bureau of DUSD. Drug Use, Shoplifting, and Defecation."

"Who'd you piss off?"

The Captain. Made a pass at his wife at the FOP bar last week."

"Sorry, dude."

Defecation is a gateway crime - Parents, take action now!

CSI Mall of America.

It is nice to see the police addressing the concerns of merchants. When I had similar problems the police told me: "if shoplifting from you on the sidewalk is a problem, then move your &*($ *&^% back into the store where it belongs and quit blocking the sidewalk before we arrest you."

Who really gives a cr$p about defecation?

The Law evenhandedly prohibits hard-working merchants and drug-besotted scuzzbos from defecating in public doorways in the daytime.

I hope this is a highly paid unit because, damn, that sh!t is nasty.

The cops should identify a suitable street urchin to serve as an informant about the defecation. He or she would be a stool pigeon.


Coming to CBS this summer!!!

Well there would be lots of DNA evidence for these CSI shows.

Hawaii 2-uh oh.

Double SNORK - Bill Hudgins

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