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February 01, 2015


Suspicious package at NYC bus station filled with 1K condoms

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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A commuter simply misinterpreted the phrase "Get home safely."

"Be prepared."

Playing cops and rubbers in NYC. Who brought the donuts?

Big deal. There's probably that many used ones on the men's room floor.

A friend had a parttime job building micro-strip circuit boards and shipping them outto a manfacturer. He had 100 boards to ship and needed to pack them in a way that would prevent exposure to moisture, so he bought a box of 100 condoms and placed each board in a condom. He found that the box only had 99 condoms. The next time he was at the drugstore he mentioned the 'shortage'. The druggest replied "Gee, I hope it didn't ruin your weekend!".

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