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February 04, 2015


Wisconsin woman kicked out of McDonald’s over kangaroo ‘service animal’

(Thanks to Charles Cates, Bill Jones, Chris Elzi, Ron Stewart, DaninDallas and Jeff Meyerson)


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She was hopping mad.

FARK suggested she should have gone to IHOP.

Moyer brought the kangaroo into the McDonald’s in Beaver Dam

she'll roo the day . . . bet no one would've complained if she'd brought her beaver into the mcd's in kangaroo dam

When I feel unsafe, I leave.

She's lucky the 'roo didn't join it's relatives, IN THE DEEP FRYER!

Better than the woman with the defecating pig (which WBAGNFARB) on the plane.

But first, roo roo.

"Soon we'll have no rights left."

P.S. *SuperSnork* Imnotdave

The manager will roo that decision.

The headline should read, "Cancer Victim Bounced From McDonald's After Pet Made Other Customers Jumpy"

"And we'd like one Hoppy Meal to go, please."

I am now going to bring my team of ten miniature horses [therapy animals] pulling my chariot into every bloody MackyDees I can find...

Perhaps they were afraid that she would come back with all five of her hoppers. Gang-ga-roos.

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