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February 04, 2015


Mummified 200-year-old monk 'NOT dead' but in 'very deep meditation'


(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Didn't Monty Python cover this? He's not dead, he's sleeping.

My kid sleeps like the dead.

When the head falls off they'll say he's gone a little too deep.

Ewwww. Just so people will look at him and do some research. He left his legacy

Looks like he's on stand-by.

Don't send him to Ohio.

Mongolian food makes me drowsy, too

His visage looks dead.

He's feeling much better . . .

Look, he moved.

I find these "Living Statue" guys annoying. I never put a dollar in their tip jar.

Make him secretary of something.


He's going to need coffee when he comes out of it.

He's dead, Jim.

Time to change my religion.

Wasn't RainBow Body a song featured in the last Muppet movie?

So, what will his first words be when he comes out of it? I'm guessing, "Geez, you could have at least DUSTED me once in a while, couldn't ya?"

Where's Wang?

Gollum? Where's the Precious?

'member when we used to get

yeah, that stoned . . .

the monk is in the state of cessation,
here is the Gollum

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