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February 04, 2015


Cub Scout nature hike goes through San Diego-area nude beach

(Thanks to Will Dooley)


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Couldn't have been as bad as the one in South Africa.

Did they spot any of those small woodland creatures that build dams...?


"I'd like to rub those together."

I'd be more skeered of that baby with the weird eyes that was interviewed.

Whole lotta merit badges got revoked on that hike.

Be prepared.

Unpredicatable erections"?...

If you watch the video with the sound off the mother's hand gestures look very strange. I'm not sure what she's describing.


Just continuing their education!

Beats the Pinewood Derby any day of the week!

"..to try my hardest"?

Funny, when I was a kid in the 70s it was common for hikers to run into nudists in the Pismo dunes area of CA. No one seemed to care. Parents laughed it off.

Parents "outraged" ... that they hadn't volunteered as chaperones for the hike?

Does this qualify for the Wilderness Survival merit badge?

weblos ?

Brings a whole new meaning to snicker doodles.

We'll Be Loyal Scouts

meh, they're jes typical cub scouts, giggling over a weenie roast

- they don't become Boy scouts til they eat their first brownie

Biggest Snork Ever at ligirl.
Welcome back.

I bet that they pitched some tents.

I wonder if that's the same nude beach the Green Bay Packers accidentally visited before Super Bowl XXXII (which they lost to Denver).

We are the boys from Camp Kookamonga
Our mothers sent us here for to study nature's ways...

So that's what goes on at those "Jamborees"!

We actual card carrying nudists find stories like this incredible. The woman is outraged that her 10 year old snowflake saw nekkidness??

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