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February 28, 2015


Do NOT click here. Really.

(Thanks to Andrew Mendez)


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A Hunerus story (rimshot!)

For once, guys, I am going to implore you to listen to your Uncle Dave and DO NOT CLICK.

You don't want to see that. Really.

Even nursecindy is not going to want to look at it. And she's a nurse.

Should have read comments first. Oh gaaaawwd..

"OW! My..... FEMUR!"

So this isn't one of those food hipsters, is it?

It will take a couple of well preserved iced down recently extracted adult male pig hearts valves to repair those.

Imagine if he got sacked at work....

Hovered over the link. I saw enough with my mind's eye.


That's a nice orthopedic repair job: after his misplaced boner, he got thoroughly screwed.

When will I learn.

This Blog still has a Do Not Click This Link tag. judi will either add that tag to this post or be fired.

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