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February 03, 2015


Amazon Is No Longer Selling the Rob Gronkowski-Themed Erotic Novel "A Gronking To Remember"

(Thanks to Bryan in Colorado)


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Right now I'm busy counting down the days until I get my copy of Dave's new book. I only have 28 days, 8 hours, and 25 minutes left!

NC ~ Is it "A Blogging to Remember"?

I'm sure Gronk! was used to describe Batman fights on more than one occasion.

Will literature ever recover ?

It melted my Kindle.

The Summer of Gronk begins

Actually, it's back at Amazon, with a new cover. There's also a second novella in the series entitled "A Gronking to Remember 2: Chad Goes Deep in the Neutral Zone" More here, including a clip of Gronk reading a passage from the book on Jimmy Kimmel.


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