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February 23, 2015


...please go here.


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I signed up and look forward knowing when a disaster is coming toward Earth. I thank you in advance. (ha)

I've also signed up. In addition to asteroid warnings could you also warn us if Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus has been spotted in our areas?

I signed up in hopes of winning something.

Hey Dave, your website hates me. I signed up but I didn't get the "confirming email."

Can you fire Judi?

OK, I got it. Judi can stay.

Dave wrote a newsletter?

I signed up because the Internet told me to.

I await further instructions.

Mail Chimp?

Mail Chimp is a second cousin of Trunk Monkey (so be careful...)

I'm waiting to see what Uranus does.

I looked up the street address. The place looks dangerous. Then again, it is in Florida.

NMUA: is it anywhere near where Vanilla Ice lives? I hope they have a better security system.

I signed up in the hopes Dave will appear on my doorstep with Ed McMahon weilding a check for untold amounts.

Hello again my good find!

Always please to read you blog and colleges. Much would like to sign up and get *even* with many fiends! Thank you and welcome, to!


Dr Person Who

ps. also please to tell when asteroid hurtles toward asia, not just U.S.

anyway. really welcome you.

Please note that asteroids hitting the USA are not coming from Canada. Regardless of what Newt Gingrich says.

Please note that asteroids hitting the USA are not coming from Canada, regardless of what Foxx News may say.

Why is your web site rejecting me?

I almost didn't click the link, fearing it would take me to a very large and frightening photo of You Know Who.
But I did, and all is well. I think.

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