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February 27, 2015


Woman gets MOBILE PHONE stuck in her vagina after using it to pleasure herself

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Can you hear me now??

I bet she wasn't using a ring tone.

Assuming it was on vibrate.

She was trying a new app.

yeeks her service must Really stink

Speak directly into the vagina, please.

"I can't take your call right now, but call me again! PLEASE!!"

You haven't got male.

Please continue to hold -- your call is very important to us.

AM I the only one who saw the movie (1977) about the woman with the talking vagina? Anyone? Bueller?


It was called Chatterbox and starred the great Candice Rialson, who was in better (relatively, at least) fare for Roger Corman like CANDY STRIPE NURSES and HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD.

Jeff — evidently y'all WERE the only one who watched it ...

Did her vagina have a lisp? Cleft Palette?

Didn't she open for Hoobastank?

O: the "highlight" of the movie - the only line I remember and probably the only funny line in the movie - comes when someone calls an agent to come to the phone to listen to the talking vagina.

"You pulled me out of a meeting to hear some c..y talk?"

For God's sake, if you MUST do this stuff, stretch a condom over it so you can retrieve it later without help.

I remember the pre-mobile days when women had to use pay phones for that.

Obligatory: Booty call.

Is that what the kids of today refer to as "phone sex"?

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