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February 28, 2015


Hospital sorry for texting dead man asking him to rate his A&E experience

(Thanks to John Finn, DaninDallas and Azaliah Yadinah-Parker)


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This doesn't surprise me. It is exactly what Time Warner or Verizon would do.

Texting... Is that what they call seances now ?

Why did they want to know how he enjoyed watching Biography on basic cable anyway?

Meh, I'd have rated them. Mind you, I would have had to rate them pretty darn poor since dying is considered a suboptimal result of a trip to the ER.

There was probably a question about "Would you come back to Leeds' St James's Hospital?"

A) In a few months, for deworming
B) The next time I die
C) If you have a sale
D) If taxidermy services are available

I went to the hospital for a scheduled appointment, signed in, sat down in the waiting room. I was called and my vitals were taken then I was escorted to a exam room. After about ten minutes waiting my phone rang. The call was from the doctors office (the person who had just placed me in the exam room, BTW) asking if I was running late for my appointment? I "explained" to the person that I had signed in and been "processed" and was in exam room number two! Glad I ignored the sign in the waiting room to turn off my phone!

"This message should not have been sent and we have recently spoken to Mr Wood to apologise in person and to reassure him that we are looking into how this happened as we want to prevent another family being upset in this way."

It is much more polite and professional to speak to the dead person in person than to send a text message.

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