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February 25, 2015


An angry Idaho man has been arrested for destroying property at a hotel in Jackpot after he allegedly jumped over the front desk and sprayed shaving cream on a computer and video camera screens.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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A friend in the hotel industry has assured me that there are far worse things that can be sprayed around the check-in counter.

An angry Idaho man's version of CA Knockout.

Sick, perverted little shaver....

He couldn't win, find pot or Jack....

♪ an angry young man from nevada
( the jackpot he never did hit )
jumped over a desk with bravad-a
and sprayed all the cameras with shaving cream..."

*waits quietly for SCAT geezer bus*

Folks at the counter
Just but don't scream
If you break their equipment
With the right shaving cream
Burma Shave

"Just stare but don't scream"

I assume the bail ($10,192) was translated from metric?

A hairy situation.

ligirl - Be nice and clean...

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