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February 02, 2015


Deputies arrive to find 4 grown men, 4 dead deer, fogged up car

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Ralph)


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It's the fogged up windows that would have my concern. You'd think the heater could keep up with four dead deer breathing.

"It's bigger inside than it looks"

(Wasn't that what Amy Pond said about the Tardis?)

No worries. All concerned had valid Florida driver's licenses.

In court: "Deer friends, we are gathered here today to witness...."

How Stupid! Everyone knows that Mini-Cooper’s are for squirrels.

Good thing they weren't rhino hunting.

Four deer,four men,two arrests.The math ain't right.

Doe; a deer; a female deer.
Ray; a guy sitting in the car with me...

Question: "I personally still would have never thought my girlfriend's MINI Coop would have been the coolest thing to shoot some deer in."
This means the deer were ALSO in the Cooper ... I can understand why the guys shot the deer ... clearly, it was self-defense ...

Besides which already, It's a little-known fact that deer in FL are smaller than an average deer in other parts of the country ... which would seem to be a good thing in this case ...

This has been your Cliff Clavin English Usage and Deer Commentary for today (so far) ...

They tried to Stand Their Ground but they slumped.

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