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February 03, 2015


Tom Chen, a physicist and game designer out of Beijing, China, has created a new device intended to strengthen vaginal muscles via video game play

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Combine this with the Ikea game and the interior decorating industry will be booming.

"Muscle of Love" by A. Cooper must be playing in his mind.

It's powered by steam and Gwyneth Paltrow is the spokesperson.

Game on!

A Slinky and a Duncan Yo-yo didn't? Pinch me.

I wonder how he explained this device to his mother ? Or wife ?

I've been playing this for more than a week. So far, nothing.
Could this product be a ripoff?

A video game based on a Macy's shoe sale...?

Call of Duty XVII: Kegel Wars. Available this Fall on Xbox


i've been using a joystick for years

^ ...*ahem*...

- to play video games

Is that anythin' like flyin' a remote-control drone with a joystick?

(the game ... not ligirl's remark ...)

Ligirl: As long as you're not getting the short end of the joystick...

Warren Sapp wanted a free play, and they arrested him for that yesterday. He must have ran out of quarters.

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