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February 03, 2015


Deputies say a North Naples woman drank Red Bull and ate dog treats at Walmart then left without paying for them.

This has been the Florida Dining Report.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Red Bull? Ewww!!

Breakfast of champions, though I prefer mine with Mad Dog 20/20.

WalMart has Red Bull and dog treats in the school supply aisle?

Guys! She's single and available! Be sure to bring some doggie treats on your date....

Almost as bad as drinking Red Dog and eating bull treats

Soon to be a Ben & Jerry ice cream flavor.

Have Rin Tin Tin arrest her.

If you were going to dine at WalMart the grocery section would seem to make more sense.

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Still beats Olive Garden

There is nothing lower than a Red Bull swilling, dog treat eating thief.

She waited for the check, but her server never brought it. So she left.

Red Bull with dog treats ... Two-Buck Chuck with cat food?

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