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February 07, 2015


Naked Bill Cosby Statue Will Be Unveiled in Florida This Month

(Thanks to Joanne Fineberg)


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[Trying to decide whether "Pudding Pop" or "Jell-O Jiggler" is more appropriate...]

Hey, hey, hey, it's FAT ALBERT. Just how exactly is Tom Jones relevant? Beats me. Well, not so it hurt or anything.

Because Florida doesn't already have enough exciting tourist destinations.

Not creepy at all! Or at least that's what Gary Glitter says.

Sounds like a variation from The Pretenders

Got Brass,
No pockets...

some loser 'artiste' trying to profit on the misery of others. BC is 'being convicted' in the Court of No Proof. A lot of bitter gold-digger-rejected middle-aged lonely gals jumping on the band wagon to get some shallow glory in the scum-sucking press accusing a man without proof in-court. Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her gold-diggin dream.
Sorry no funny here.

bilb: I feel sorry for you. Read the honest accounts. 28 women, and you call them all "gold diggers"?

The truth shall set you free, if you allow yourself to understand it.

Uncle Albert, I suspect some of those women are telling the truth, but the sculptor is still cashing in on the misery.

This statue has a large set of balls. (ha)

If anything lurid comes out about Mr Rogers, then my faith in mankind will be over.

Fat Albert. That would be a good brand name for a condom, better than Trojan me thinks.

Snork @ upnorth!

I think everyone should remember we are all presumed innocent until "proven" guilty in court.

Cosby certainly has enemies, and if you think all this bashing is okay, someday you may be "accused."

Would you rather have a heavy handed system that 'presumes guilt' or one that prsumes innocence?

It may be moot anyway because the statute of limitations has passed.

Fat Albert...Ha...that's what I call mine, too.

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