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February 01, 2015


Mr. Craig Medred -- a friend of the blog, and the only journalist the blog knows personally who has been attacked by a bear -- addresses the media's recent snowstorm coverage.

(Thanks to J.R. Absher)


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It's currently -20 degrees Fahrenheit here in Fairbanks, and I'm about to go for a 30 minute walk outside each way. I did the same thing a few days ago at -38.

As long as I remember to breathe, I should be fine.

Remember, these same people are just as incompetent with their success at substance abuse therapy.

Wearing pants?

I reminded people in Chicago to drive fast and ignore the laws of physics for our blizzard. Just remember that if you wear a reflective vest, cars won't hurt you if they run you down.

Well, yeah, but a little 4.0 earthquake in Washington DC or Chicago is big news but hardly noticed in LA.
A tropical storm in the Keys isn't going to cause nearly the fuss as it would in, say, Maine. A volcanic eruption in Hawaii is a tourist attraction when it would be a disaster in Oregon.

C'mon ... it's CBS ... why would we expect any sort of "Common Sense" from that network?
Or NBC, for that matter?
Or ABC, Fox, NPR, Facebook, PBS ... et alii ...

These people (with few exceptions*) are moderately qualified ... to READ a teleprompter, or a news "script" approved by a committee ... most of whose members are obviously devoid of "Common Sense" ...

*Forget "Uncle Walter" ... the likes of Murrow, Sevareid, Huntley, Brinkley and few others are an extinct species, replaced by Hair and Teeth, with Breasts or Dimpled Chins as guest experts ...

They only take the lead from nanny government control pukes who believe every eventuality needs a set of rules and warnings. Beware that your Super Bowl salsa in not too hot and you are required by law to have 1 quart of water on hand for each salsa eating guest.

There was a dumbass story about police preventing a couple of enterprising kids in NJ from shoveling snow door-to-.door because it was dangerous out and they might slip.

What does this author mean, the media needs to tell New Yorkers how to dress?

Be safe. Buy one of those ergonomically designed snow shovels and pay the neighbor's kid to do the walk.

Last night's SNL opener on Hizzonor's apocalyptic warnings: "I've seen bugger Blizzards at Dairy Queen."

Anything under a foot in my part of Colorado is considered "a dusting".

Will, Bugger Blizzards opened for Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

Lay down the shovel.I will just as soon as I get this damn truck shoveled out.

Stay off the road.No stupid,stay ON the road,if possible.

Every time there is a hurricane in south Florida, or more times than not, media hysteria about a theoretical hurricane in the same hemisphere, we get footage of some news-gerbil standing outside in the wind, as pieces of buildings fly past, warning us to stay inside.

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