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February 01, 2015


A part time employee of the Fargo park District has been fired after his arrest for allegedly driving drunk while operating a Zamboni.

(Thanks to Charles Cates and Jay Brandes, who says "DZUI.")


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Hmmmmm ... betcha I know some folks who know this guy ... one of my granddaughters got a "special recognition" deal & might've rode a "Z" he drove ... small world ... (sorry this is not funny)

Barkeep, gimme a rink and put some ice in it.

A good lawyer can get this thrown out; in most places, a rink is not a public "way" subject to traffic laws. He should have been charged with public intoxication, but that's a medical necessity in Fargo winters.

Fortunately, it wasn't a woodchipper.

You'd have to be drunk to live in Fargo.

You have to be seriously drunk to mismanage a Zamboni. It's basically a big lawn mower.

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