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February 02, 2015


Holton also said crimes involving detergent, candy and beef jerky are fairly common in the area

(Thanks to Harry Farkas)


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"We'd be even more upset if they stole donuts", Sgt.
Dunklin added. (Hypotetical quote)

Detergent, candy and beef jerky: Plot summary for the new "Breaking Bad."

I jerk my own meat.

Thanks for sharing that, Ralph, but TMI.

*smacks Ralph for nursecindy*

" Hands up. Your beef jerky or your life. "

Here is my jerky, and here are my snicker doodles, but touch my Tide Pods and we will have trouble.

... um ... " ... links between the incidents."

I thot puns wuz s'posed to be on a separate thread?

Learn sumthin' every day ...

as a lifelong resident of central ohio, i have this to say:

i like beef jerky.

Any other geezers remember The Beverly Hillbillies episode where Jethro adopted his rock star name of "Beef Jerky"?

Step to the back of the bus, please. Like Kim Kardashian, plenty of room in the rear.

Officers refused to speculate on whether this is being treated as a serial snack shoplifter suit.

They're making sweet jerky and they need something to wash it down with.

How do you get #1,300 worth of candy, jerky and soap into a bag?

"Police reviewed security footage and matched the description of the suspect – a 6-foot white man in his 20s or early 30s and weighing about 185 pounds – to a similar case officers had seen in Marion, with a suspect matching the man’s description."

...matched the description of the suspect...with a suspect matching the man's description. Uh-huh.

It only took me 12 tries and 40 minutes to diagram that sentence.

Yer a glutton for punishment, Garg' ...

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