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February 07, 2015


Mom finds bugs infesting daughter's stuffed animal

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and Jeff Meyerson)


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"Bugs"? I never thought the NSA would go that far.

They're microwavable too. YAY! Bugs aside, I'm not sure which point is more disturbing; possibly scalding my child with a superheated toy, or placing my food in the box where my child's bacteria-ridden toy was a few minutes ago.

" What should someone do if they find a weevil in their home? "

Move. Next question.

[The beetles] "...are very difficult to tell apart...."

Especially John and Paul. I'm never sure which is the lesser of the two weevils.

Did they charge extra for this option?

I saw Gross Weevil Infestation open for Meat Loaf.

*slaps Ralph*

The best part of this story is the rivalry between Cozy Plush and Cozy Hugs.

But really, wouldn't the microwaving kill the bugs? Not that giving your three-year-old a toy full of dead bugs is that appealing, but at least they're not crawling around.

Didn't these things also kill the Tribbles on Star Trek? The wee beasties!

I saw Killer Shrimp open for Moby Grape . . . Oh, wait, no I didn't. It must have been Barney. I get my purple entities confused. Just sayin'.

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