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February 25, 2015


It has changed.


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Yes, it has, and the commercialization of college towns is endemic....

But I stiill wait quitely for the Shaw brotherls heir to make their kung fu biographic movie about Jesus....

Like they say, everything changes and yet here we are...

Yup. Lead paint disclosure is the rule.

What about mosaics and/or hermaphrodites?

hey marquis, your friends are looking for you.

you used to be expected to learn something that would help you in real life

Didn't 'queer' used to be a pejorative?

And *snork* at Sco77

"Bondage/Disciple"??? Has that changed as well?

John Blutarsky will show 'em variety and vivacity.

Cost of Attendance for 2014-15

The average cost for attending Wesleyan University for the 2014-15 academic year is as follows:

Direct Charges:
First Year Students and Sophomores:
Tuition $47,702
Fees* $270
Residential Comprehensive Fee $13,226
Green Fund Fee** $30

Sure isn't the Wesleyan I knew back in the 70s. Not that that's a bad thing.

poker, didn't you mean to type Residential Comprehension Fee? Cuz I don't understand half of what was listed and I always thought the other half was illegal or maybe I would have tried one or two of them.

Green Fund Fee $30. That's to clean the mildew from the showers.

Sounds like one of those medimmercial 2 minute disclaimers that ends with "your ass may fall off or you may die from drug induced terminal scabies".

I'll have to pass. I'm too worried about all that lead paint.

John Wesley could not be reached for comment.

There's a Method in their message ...

genderfuck? WTF is that?

No WTGF is that.

Some of this can get you on double explicit probation.

love it, Sco77!

somehow i got the whole 'SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC - ' thing goin on . . .

'iiiiiiiiit's L-G-B-T-T-Q-Q-F-A-G-P-B-DiSM
even tho the sound of it may cause you cynicism,
if you come around you'll see: We Love Eroticism!
L-G-B-T-T-Q-Q-F-A-G-P-B-DiSM !

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