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February 23, 2015


This chocolate costs £169 per bar and you have to eat it with wooden tongs

(Thanks to Alan at Division)


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What kind of poop is in it? At this price, it's got to involve some kind of exotic poop.

The only way I'd pay that much for a piece of chocolate is if it were hand fed to me by the best looking guy in the world. He'd have to show some skin too. I'll just stick with my M&M's.

"Rare cacao seeds are first harvested from the coast of Ecuador, before they are fermented and turned into liquid chocolate."

Wasn't Fermented Liquid Chocolate another opening act for Butthole Surfers?

169 pounds of dollars seems like a lot to me, but currency conversions were never my strong point. ..

I still don't understand the chopsticks.

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