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February 04, 2015


Even cockroaches have different personalities, scientists find

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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This still doesn't explain Congress.

Considering all the time they spend under refrigerators, you'd expect them to be uniformly depressed.

And yet someday they shall rule the world !

So ... the "shy" ones are like, "I don't want to talk about it ..." and the "explorers are like "Hold my beer and watch this!" ...

Why am I not surprised?

I expect the only difference is that some are total @@$holes and others are slightly less @$$holish. They are evil.

Sure, some are marketdroids, some are customer "service" reps, some are used car salespersons, some are, etc.

As you’ve probably noticed, if any of you have bothered before unloading a baZOOKa of pesticide, some roaches are rather sociable. Prisoners in federal penitentiaries doing hard time have built circuses with the more bold and adventurous cockroaches.
Other cockroaches have 'egos' the size of HUM-DAISY-ZINGERS (if you catch my drift) and are engaged to bare all in Calvin Klein underwear commercials.

.. and my intelligence and research are no indicator of how lonely I am.

Was that your Auntie? Big, bad bug got a soft spot.

For the experiments researchers attached radio tags to American cockroaches, Periplaneta Americana, to monitor their movements. They were kept in darkness during the experiments and were released in batches of 16 in ‘arenas’ surrounded by electrified wires to prevent escapes.

"The name's _GINGAH_!"

Not after you step on them.

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