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February 03, 2015


Hi Dave,

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and disappointment is already in the forecast. According to a new study by first date-auction site, WhatsYourPrice.com, 86 percent of American men will buy the wrong gift this year.

Oh really? We're thinking maybe these men are buying the right gifts, but for the wrong women.


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Only 86%? I think that's an improvement!

What do you mean? What woman wouldn't want size 0 edible panties?

What's Your price.com? Sounds like somebody's negotiating something, and it may be illegal in some
states....just saying....

I am 69% sure they made up that statistic.

Besides, the only thing I want this year are home made cards from the kids and some help with the dishes from the husband. Unless anyone cares to toss diamonds my way, in which case I will not complain.

No Russian or Asian women specified? Must be low class.

You can't go wrong with kitchen appliances.

Guys, Buying Tip.

Anything in the garage or the shed that is NOT a new automobile, is NOT appropriate.

Keep the chain saw and new wrench set for her birthday.

*SMACKS* Clankie. All I really want for Valentine's Day is a nice thoughtful card attached to a pretty box containing a diamond bracelet. I'm easy.

NC is "easy". All the guys snicker. "Snicker".

"Gifts" for the worng women? I know that's illegal in most states ... except Nevada ...

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