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February 25, 2015


Funerals are being held for ROBOTIC dogs in Japan because owners believe they have souls

(Thanks to George Byars)


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So in that first photo, which one is the robot?

And does the Schultz estate know it "borrowed" from

Other than that, rest in peace, Robot Dog!

(Wow--that same line was in a samurai movie)

Robots better have souls or we are so outta luck in the future.

Pity. 40+ years too late for Rags.

I'll expect my usual seat on the geezer bus, thank you.

Axles to axles and parts to parts.

We come not to bury Rover but to recycle him.

Fluffy was a wonderful pet, but I did get sick of cleaning up all the nuts and bolts. And, there are oil stains in the carpet that still haven't come out...Nature's Miracle, my foot.

UBetcha: Was that reference from the poem about Rags, the dog who wound up in a college lab as a "demonstration"? That poem made me cry.

I was 8 at the time. And to this very day, I can still quote that poem.

Been watching too many eps of the Tom Baker "Dr. Who"

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