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February 04, 2015


No 'unpredictable erections' on SA's first legal nude beach

(Thanks to Jon Harris, who saw the Unpredictable Erections open for Sting)

WARNING: Pictures of naked people whom -- as is so often the case with people on nude beaches -- you don't really want to see naked.


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"This meeting of the KwaZulu Natal Weight Watchers chapter will please come to order."

The Planet Obama administration has vowed to bring their unpredictable erections to justice. Stiff sanctions and early releases are expected.

"...the beach, which falls within the Mpenjati Nature Reserve...."

Wildlife Management 101.

Be prepared.

Surf's up! Couldn't the blond at least be standing? (If it is indeed a female).

"So! What do you do for a living?"
"I'm an erection checker how about you?"
I believe I'd rather work at McDonald's but that's just me. And Dave is right. There are definitely some people there that I'd prefer not to see naked.

I remember seeing a celeb on Johnny Carson's show and was relating his experiences on a nude beach in France: "I've never fully appreciated clothing till looking around the beach."

Without colorful bathing suits, people on a nude beach don't look much different than a bunch of seals lounging on a beach.

Thar she blows.

N'cin' ... din't the Erection Checkers open for Nine Inch Nails?

O the U, I believe they did. It was a painful show to watch.

There's a fix for that.

So... when will they build the ablution blocks?

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