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January 27, 2015


Interstate 81 reopens after beer truck crash near Harrisburg

It actually wasn't beer. It was Bud Light.

(Thanks to Will Dooley)


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Why don't these crashes ever happen close to where I live?

Noooo! I like Bud Light.

We're gonna need more Pretzel Thins.

It's like crashing a water truck.

BTW, Harrisburg is the state capitol. I think the state capital had a rodent problem. Also, is it capital or capitol ?

Capital is the geographical site of the government. Capitol is the building the government meets in.

151 proof rum is much more effective for deicing.

Wait, that is not beer it is bud lite, who bloody cares. They should fined and beaten for taking that swill anywhere in this country. Even the cannucks won'y drink it.

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