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January 28, 2015


A man is charged with drunken driving and drug possession charges after allegedly giving Crestview Police officers a Goody’s Powder package as his driver’s license.

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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In CA, your Drivers License comes with a 10% off gram of coke coupon available at Trader Joes organic drugs section.

Wikipedia: "The company's website claims that "probably the most popular technique" to take the powder is to "dump" it on the tongue and then "chase" it with a liquid."

Evidently he followed directions.

They're still making Goody's powder?!?!?!

Clearly another failed policy of the Obama administration.

Hope the cops gave it back. He's going to need it in the morning.

Maybe it's just me but...am I the only one here who has never heard of Goody's Powder?

OK, just me then.

Nah, Jeff. Goody's sponsors NASCAR. They've been around forever.

I think Goody's Powder is a Southern thing, Jeff. They're great when you have a bad hangover headache.

Goody's contains the two headache medicines doctors recommend most. At least that's what they said in the mid-1980's when you still needed a prescription for Motrin.

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