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January 28, 2015


British man accused of sex with Shetland pony

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Poor journalism as no mention is made as to whether the pony was old enough for it to be consensual

Eww, grody.

There are legal alternatives.

That guy found out too late that Sky is the limit.

Lends new meaning to "Whoooo Nelly"

Yet another "stuffed horse" story.

My brother-in-law smells like a horse yet I'm not aware he's in a relationship with one. He's just a slob.

The part of the article they obviously didn't print said that the horse's name was Camilla Parker-Bowes, and that her nickname is "Duchess".

Prince Charles had no comment.

But was it a consenting pony?

Neigh means neigh!

Ride'em cowboy!

Obligatory: The pony didn't speak up because he was a little hoarse.

I don't know what bothers more, the beastily or that you can follow him on twitter.

It's nice that they protected the pony's identity by putting a black bar over his eyes. Way to go NY Daily News! Integrity in journalism lives!

Well, the English do love their horses.

Hammond Rye, that was perfect. I have a few broken ribs right now, and that LOL really hurt.

Mr.Ed told everything.


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