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January 28, 2015


Do not click here.

("Thanks" to Dan)


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Men: for once trust Uncle Dave and do NOT click. I've been avoiding reading the details ever since I first saw the headline 2-3 days ago because, ow.

Split in half. Wow. I would like to see what that looks like. ouch.

Oh. My. God.

Since when do nurses fax an insurance company with a request to remove a Foley catheter? The family may want to look into getting a nursing license revoked too. As for you blog guys, there, there, there. It will be okay. I also think some of you need to think about Dave's feelings before sending in stuff like this. *SMACKS* Dan.

They could have just removed the good kidney or something.

Just shoot me.

I understand super glue will withstand 200lbs of pressure....just saying....

Medical Malpractice lawyers will be calling...

I don't usually associate "Foley catheter" with any concept in the universe that relates to "pleasant" ... but that's merely Moi Ownself ...

What cindy said. Don't get me started.

Munch's Scream.

This reminds me of the Fess Parker Johnny Carson hatchet throwing skit....just sayin.

If you like the insurer you've got...

Hey, LeDud: Twarn't Fess Parker.

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