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January 28, 2015


Mr. Incredible convicted in Hollywood Boulevard brawl with Batgirl

This has been your L.A. Update.

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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What is so incredible about Mr. Incredible to begin with? (ha)

Good point, Theresa!

Convicted of body-slamming a Batgirl? You mean there's more than one?

This is worse than finding out all those Santas aren't the same person. My faith in humanity is shaken.

Theresa: Ask Mrs. Incredible?

Batgirl was at my office yesterday. I'm sure of it.

And the so-called Justice League does nothing.

Snork @ Ckankie!

If super-heroes can't get along, where is the hope for
peace for the rest of humanity?

(FYI comment is sarcasm and rhetorical)

Spider-man tried to break it up and got squashed.

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