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January 31, 2015


Apparently something happened in Stratford.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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could be worse...

like in this story

Further evidence Obama's planet has come into question. What exactly again was the question?

We could speculate, but what would be the point.

It's important to keep the facts in mind and not guess: Something happened somewhere. What else do you really need to know? I mean, how can we get more specific than that? Do we really have to use more specific adjectives, nouns and verbs that form a more clear picture?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I know what happened in Stratford.

we have many details, the New Plymouth CIB are involved and the ambulance crew were called to the scene about 9:50PM. What more details do you want, the racial composition of the New Plymouth CIB officers on scene and what size shoes the ambulance crew wear? News reports have to remember not to confuse the issue with unimportant details like what type of donuts the police ordered while investigating or what the crime was.

Paging Miss Marple.

If this story of some importance about something interests you, you are probably asking yourself, "give me something Planet Obama related to go on?"

"So like an example one of the greatest projectionist of all time other than Obama would be helpful."

There are none. Obama is the greatest projectionist of all time.

We had one of these down the road from me in lovely Janesville Wi. There were FBI vans and police vehicles of every description and jurisdiction in an apartment building parking lot. The official statement boiled down to, "We're looking for something. Nothing dangerous, don't worry." Riiiiiiiiiiight.

They have a new story up, if you're curious.
Advisory: Auto-play
Another Advisory: It's really not very funny.

I feel fully edified.

What happens in Stratford stays in Stratford.

These is actually eerily close to a very funny chapter is Dave's forthcoming book (which I have already read, nyah nyah)about cable news.

Dave, I think you have a case if you sue them.

Expect further updates as soon as nothing more is known.

CNN could run every 30 min. updates about nothing more being known, like they do for plane crashes.

As a somewhut related anecdote, I recall more than once when I wuz in the newspaperin' business, "problems" with cutlines under photos ...

(Back in the days of "paste-up") I remember one writer/editor who typed (and pasted): "Old people cutline goes here" ...

Another time, an entire page of sports coverage had several photos, under each, the published edition read: "Cutline goes here".

(Our state newspaper association actually created an annual award for this sort of mistake, it was called "The Devil Made Me Do It" ...)

Another (which I proofread, for the reported who filed the story, but did NOT even think to remove/change it ... NOT MY FAULT!)

In a feature story about an older gentleman whose hobby was taxidermy, the picture of a stuffed beaver had the cutline: "In his lifetime, XXXXXXX mounted many beaver."

Another feature, about a guest director for the Community Summer Theatre program said in the story, that " ... Mr. XXXX received his Master of Fine Farts degree ..."

That was the one that led to creation of the award. I saw it (after publication), and mentioned it to the writer. She said, "Maybe no one will notice ...?"

Worng! I heard comments that came from readers in states from coast-to-coast ... EVERYbuddy noticed!

It appears that more is happening in Stratford than originally thought.

"There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear"

-Buffalo Springfield

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