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January 29, 2015



(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Location, location, location.

Ha ha. My husband's cousin who are all deceased now used to feed the squirrels with premium cashews. They were always at her door wall begging for more. They really got to know her and she had several that came to see her every day. BTW my cats don't wish me a Happy Birthday either but oh well.

OK, I might have to actually set up a Twitter account for this...

The global squirrel warming alarmists are at it again.

In keeping with the Administration's strict policy, calling terrorists terrorist's or squirrels is not part of what Obama's planet approved vocabulary list is about.

Squirrels never quarrel. That's proof right there that they're plotting against us.

like squirrels,my cats are inconsiderate selfish monsters.

Like squirrels,my cats climb trees.

I've got it!My cats are squirrels!

Where are my bullets?

Here Kitty,Kitty.

This explains Joe Biden.

The Truthers are out there!

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