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January 28, 2015


Woman didn’t think truck was ‘that stolen’

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As a visitor to your state I've been wondering, Dave: what is it with Florida and pickups, anyway? You even see Q-tip aged seniors driving them down here.

"Well, not TOtally stolen. Maybe like thirty percent. OK, sixty."

That women is only 58 years old? If someone offers to let you borrow a vehicle and mentions it may be a little bit stolen, just say no.

The true definition of irony: eating stollen* in a truck which "isn't that stolen."

*a yummy German pastry

Other good excuses:
"I was drunk, just not THAT drunk."
"It was loaded, just not THAT loaded."
"He's dead, just not THAT dead."

"And I'm not THAT stupid."

I wonder if she ever said, "I'm pregnant, just not THAT pregnant"?

"He didn't know (he didn't know) the gun was loaded."

Seniors have lots of spare time and lots of toys to haul around,thus they need a pickup to do the job.See,some of them just aren't that senior.

A lesser included defense.

Just a little stolen, I think, maybe.

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